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Getting Started with BBWP

Get familiar with the features of your custom Blackbaud site built on BBWP: Page Builder, Modules, 301 Redirects and more.

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Logging Into Your Website

Learn how to access the administrative side of your BBWP website to start managing its content.

Admin Area & Dashboard Overview

Get familiar with the administrative side of the BBWP solution in order to easily and quickly make edits to specific sections of your website.

Editing Client Settings

Learn how to edit essential settings of your BBWP site such as updating your logo, contact information and social media links…

Page Builder Overview

Get to know to know the Page Builder interface of your BBWP site, also known as the Blackbaud Builder.

Rows vs Columns vs Modules

Learn the difference between the three main elements that make up the content of a page – rows, columns and module, and get familiar with how to use each one of those elements inside the Blackbaud Builder.

Row Settings

Get familiar with the Settings of Rows in the Blackbaud Builder, which will allow you to update styling options such as background type, borders, separators and more.

Advanced Tab Settings

Get familiar with the Advanced Tab located in the Settings of a Row, Column or Module, and take control of more advanced settings like Spacing, Visibility or Animation.

Standard and Global Save Settings

Learn how to save a row, column or module for reuse on your site.

Responsive Editing

Learn more about Responsive Editing and how to access Responsive Mode in the Blackbaud Builder.

Managing Your Site Menus

Learn how to create and edit menus on your BBWP site.

Setting Up 301 Redirects

Learn more about 301 Redirects and how to set them up in your BBWP site.