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Events Calendar

Learn how to use the tools to manage your Calendar of Events.

Adding Events Calendar Links to a Menu

Comments Off on Adding Events Calendar Links to a Menu

You can add links to your calendar, calendar categories, or specific events using the Menu Builder. In your dashboard, select Appearance > Menus. On the left-hand side along with the usual meta boxes for Pages and Categories, you’ll see Events and Event Categories. First, click “Screen Options” and check the boxes you want to see…

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Changing the Text of the Calendar Filter Bar Titles

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When Filter Bar is activated on your site, the various filters each have their own title. The Events Category filter, for example, has a default title of Events Category. This seems straightforward, and for the most part it is; however, if you try to translate your site into a language other than English, some aspects…

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Community Events Settings Overview

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You have a number of controls over how frontend event submission works on your site: who gets notifications of new submissions, whether submissions go live automatically, etc. Almost all of those can be found on the new “Community” settings tab, found at Events → Settings. Note that the Community Events feature is an add-on of…

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Community Events Shortcodes

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Community Events is an add-on that extends The Events Calendar to allow visitors of your site to submit events to your calendar. This add-on comes with the pages and forms needed to submit and review events, but the following shortcodes can embed those onto any page you’d like, should you prefer them to be in…

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Configuring the Events Calendar Filter Bar

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Finding the filter settings The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the Filter Bar settings, which you can find under Events → Settings → Filters in your BBWP site admin. Choosing what to filter The first set of options that can be configured are the filters that are available to include…

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Configuring the This Week Widget

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Head over to Appearance → Widgets from your site admin dashboard. You’re looking for a widget called This Week Events. Once you find it, drag it over to the sidebar widget area of your choice, then save your settings. Now you can go to the front end of your website and see the This Week Events…

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Creating a Recurring Event

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While most calendar events are single one-day or multi-day events, there may be times when a series of events, known as recurring events, may be more appropriate. For example: Events that repeat on an interval, such as weekly cooking classes Events of the same type that don’t follow a regular pattern, such as test dates…

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Creating an event

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In order to add new events, head to Events > Add New – from the Admin Sidebar of your BBWP site. Just as with a page or post, you can add a title and description to your event. The expected controls for saving it as a draft or publishing it are present, too: Event Time…

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Creating Custom Fields for Events

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When creating your events, do you ever find yourself wishing there was a way to add additional information about your event? What about a checkbox to designate age-restricted events? Or a drop-down of “DJs” to select which one will be performing at the event? The ability to add these additional fields is possible in Events…

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Creating Featured Events

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There’s a setting in The Events Calendar editor that allows you to “feature” an event. Featuring an event gives it a more prominent appearance in the calendar. For example, here’s a featured event in the calendar’s month view: And here it is in list view: Featuring an event Feature an event by selecting the “Feature…

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