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Events Calendar

Learn how to use the tools to manage your Calendar of Events.

Creating Venue and Organizer Pages

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Venues and Organizers are two bits of handy information that can be added to an Events post. They give additional context for the event: where the event is happening and who is in charge of it. With Events Calendar, Venues and Organizers also have their own pages. This guide will outline creating Venues and Organizers,…

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Event Categories

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In the same way that traditional categories allow you to add organization to your blog posts, event categories allow you to add organization to your events. For example, with these categories, a music venue can add categories for the different genres of music that are played at the venue. Additionally, the event categories can be hierarchical. This means you…

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Event List Widget Settings

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Adding the Widget to a Sidebar The first thing to note is about the Event List widget is where to find it. You’ll find it under Appearance > Widgets from the site admin dashboard. Drag it into the sidebar area of your choice. Events Widget Settings There are three settings that help customize the Event…

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Event Tags

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The Events Calendar includes support for tagging events in addition to specifying categories (which are covered in this article). If you’ve ever used tags for your blog posts or other custom post types, then you’re likely already familiar with how tags are meant to function for calendar events. If you haven’t encountered tags before, you…

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Events Calendar Shortcodes

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Shortcodes are a convenient way to embed content, code, and other assets without having to touch code yourself. If you have a post or page on your site where shortcodes can be used, you can embed full calendar views there. The Default Shortcode With The Events Calendar, you can add the shortcode [tribe_events] to any…

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Events Calendar Widget Shortcodes

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Widgets can typically be placed in a sidebar or footer. The Events Calendar comes with a number of cool widgets, but sometimes you might want to use them on your site in locations other than a sidebar. In order to do so, you have the ability to use a set of shortcodes provided by the…

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Events Countdown Widget Settings

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The Events Countdown widget is a handy little widget that allows you to select a published event from your calendar and display a clock that–you guessed it–counts down to the start date of the event. It’s a fun way to build anticipation for an event- and you can drop it into any sidebar. Adding the Events Countdown Widget…

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Exporting Events

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The Events Calendar allows you and your visitors to export the events on your calendar in a flash. Visit your calendar and you’ll notice a button at the bottom. Click that button and it will download the events listed on the page as an .ics file. An .ics file allows you to import events into…

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Featured Venue Widget Settings

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The Featured Venue widget shows off a specific saved venue in a sidebar and displays events happening at that venue. In this tutorial we’ll cover the widget settings. Add the Featured Venue Widget to a Sidebar Head over to Appearance > Widgets from the site admin dashboard. Drag the Events Featured Venue widget to any…

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Finding Links for Specific Event Views

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Each calendar view has its own URL that you can use to link directly to that view. Whatever you have set as your default view (under Events → Settings → Display) will be located at (where events is the slug you set in the general Events Settings).  Beyond that, you can find the different views at the followings…

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