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Create custom forms on your site using a powerful and easy-to-use form builder.

Fields Available for Forms

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The Form Toolbox consists of 3 primary field types: Standard, Advanced and Post. To add a field to a form simply click on the name of the field you would like to add. To edit a field you have added to a form, simply hover over the field you would like to edit and click…

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Form Confirmations List Page

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Listing The Confirmation list page allows you to see all the confirmations for a particular form. The list of confirmations may be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the “Name” column header. Hovering over the confirmation name reveals the quick toolbar confirmation actions, each of which is described below: Quick Toolbar Actions Active/Inactive Active sets the…

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Form Editor

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Form Settings The Form Settings page provides an overview of the settings available for a Gravity Forms form. Field Toolbar When hovering over or clicking on a field in the Form Editor you will be able to access several different options to modify or interact with the field in the Field Toolbar. In the top…

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Form Fields CSS Ready Classes

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With “Ready Classes”, you can easily create more advanced alternative layouts for the fields in your forms. Essentially, Ready Classes are class names that you can add to the parent element surrounding each field to take advantage of predefined styles included in the default form stylesheet. How to Use Ready Classes To add a Ready…

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Form Settings

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By clicking on the form name, form description or form settings link from the New Form or Edit Form screen, you will activate the form settings interface. The form settings interface consists of three tabs. Each tab consists of options and settings for the form.   Form Basics Title Enter the title of your form.…

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Forms List Page

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The forms list page displays a list of all your forms. From this page you can manage and edit your existing forms and get a quick rundown on basic analytics such as views, number of entries, and the conversation ratio. Filter Toolbar The filter toolbar allows you to filter which forms you would like to…

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Resend Form Notifications

Comments Off on Resend Form Notifications

If you failed to receive a notification, Gravity Forms makes it easy to re-send that notification with just a few simple clicks. First, access your entries. To do so click on Forms on the left side navigation menu, hover over the form that you want to view the entries of, and click on Entries. You…

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Save and Continue Form Functionality

Comments Off on Save and Continue Form Functionality

Save and Continue functionality is a critical feature that many individuals rely on when building large forms. By utilizing Save and Continue functionality, users are able to save their place and come back to the form without the need to start over again. In this article, we will show you how to use the Save…

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Setup a Donation Form in your BBWP site

Comments Off on Setup a Donation Form in your BBWP site

Step 1: Create a Form Create a new form by clicking New Form under Forms on the left side of your dashboard. Give it a name that distinguishes it from your other forms. Use something like “Donation Form.” For more details please review the article on how to Create a New Form. Step 2: Build…

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Using Calculations with Number form fields

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Introduction When using a Number field with calculation enabled or a Product field set to Calculation type, you are able to easily perform calculations. In this article, we will show you how to set up a calculation in a Number field. Note: The Total field type cannot be used within calculations. Within this article, only…

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