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SEO Home Page Settings

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You can manage your Home Page Settings by going to All in One SEO > General Settings in your Site Admin. Home Title The Home Title is the SEO Meta Title for the home page on your site.  The Meta Title of your Home Page will appear in the top of the browser and in…

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SEO Keyword Settings

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Meta Keywords are no longer used by search engines and hold no value in modern SEO.  We recommend disabling keywords sitewide by going to All in One SEO > General Settings > Keyword Settings and selecting Disabled next to Use Keywords.  This will enable you to focus on meta that is important and which search engines do…

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SEO Meta Descriptions

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It is important to note that no plugin can force search engines such as Google to display something in the search results that they don’t want to display.  Google may decide it will use its own description based on the term that has been searched for and the relevant content on your site. More often,…

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SEO Noindex Settings

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NOINDEX NOINDEX is a meta tag that can be displayed to search robots that requests them not to index content.  The specific directive differs between each search robot.  For example, the directive it gives Google’s search robots is Do not show this page in search results and do not show a “Cached” link in search results.…

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SEO Schema Settings

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The Schema Settings section lets users enable and control structured data (Schema markup) that is used by Bing, Google and Yandex to display rich search results which include more information about your content than is found in traditional search result snippets. All in One SEO Pack outputs Schema markup using JSON-LD which can be found…

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SEO Title Settings

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Title Format Fields The Format fields control how your Title Tags will be formatted for each type of content.  These settings can be changed if you wish.  The supported formats are shown in the inline documentation for each field.  Leaving them as default would, for example, output a Title Tag for a Page as “My…

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Setting up Google Analytics

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Registering your site with Google Analytics is a great way to keep track of your visitors behavior.  All in One SEO Pack offers you a simple way of integrating with your Google Analytics account so you don’t have to mess with code and risk making a mistake. First thing to do is set up your…

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Social Meta SEO Settings – Individual Page/Post Settings

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Individual Page/Post Settings The Social Meta Module in All in One SEO Pack also adds a Social Settings tab to the All in One SEO Pack box on every Post, Page and Custom Post Type (where enabled).  This box lets you control the social meta for that Page or Post. Title The Title field lets…

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Submitting an XML Sitemap to Google

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Once you have created an XML sitemap using All in One SEO Pack, you will need to submit it to Google.  To do this you will need to register your site with Google Search Console. Once you have added your site as a property in Google Search Console, navigate to “Sitemaps” in the left-hand menu.…

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Troubleshooting Social Meta

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The most frequently asked question about Open Graph social meta is Why doesn’t Facebook, Twitter, etc. show the correct title, description or image. Here are four easy steps you can follow to troubleshoot this: The first thing to check is whether the correct Open Graph meta is being displayed in the source code of your page…

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