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The Basics

Everything to get you up and running on your new BBWP site.

Add a menu item that links to a page section

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You can add a menu item whose link goes to a specific section on the same page or a section on a different page. This works with any of your site menus, which you can create and edit by clicking Appearance > Menus in the BBWP admin panel. Note: If the section is on the…

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Add an icon to a menu item

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It’s easy to add a Font Awesome 5 icon to appear as a nav menu item. The icon can replace menu text or appear before or after menu text. For example, suppose you want to replace an existing menu item labeled Cart with a shopping cart icon, as shown in the following screenshot. Note: The…

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Create and Manage Redirects

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The redirect management page is where you’ll do most of the work. (Tools > Redirection) –  It consists of a table with all your redirects and a section to add new ones. To access this page select the Redirects option in the top menu bar. Adding a Redirect Click the “add new” button to create a…

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Getting Started with the Redirection Tool

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To get started with Redirection, head over to the menu option in the admin menu under Tools > Redirection. Selecting this will open Redirection’s admin interface and will initially show your redirects. At the top of the page is a submenu where you can navigate to different parts of Redirection. This is known as the…

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How to Add Email Subscriptions to Your BBWP Blog

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Do you want to add email subscription to your BBWP blog?  In this article, we will show you how to add email subscriptions to your blog and start building your email list. Why You Should Add Subscribe via Email Option to Your Site? While social media is a great way to interact with your readers,…

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Import and Export Redirects

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You can import and export redirects using the Import/Export page, accessed from the Import/Export option in the top menu of Redirection. (Tools > Redirection > Import/Export) From here you can import: CSV files – just simple redirects, with no matches or actions Additionally you can export to: CSV file – just simple redirects, with no…

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Manage the Media Library

Comments Off on Manage the Media Library

The following article will walk you through the various options and features available for the management of your Media Library, which can be organized into folders and sub-folders. 1. Manage folders from posts or pages To manage your Media Library directly from a post or page (or module containing a text editor),  just click on…

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Margins and padding

Comments Off on Margins and padding

The Blackbaud Builder has the following built-in spacing defaults. Rows and columns have default margins and padding. Modules have default margins. An auto spacing feature for small devices is enabled by default. This feature reduces spacing automatically on mobile devices. This means the layout should look decent at all device sizes without any special effort…

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Matching a URL with Redirection

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At the heart of Redirection (Tools > Redirection) is the ability to match a URL and then do something. A URL looks like this: There are several parts to this: Protocol – http or https Domain – Path – /path/to/something/ Query parameters – ?query=param Protocol and domain Typically Redirection will match URLs on…

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Matching Redirects

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When you create a redirect in Redirection (Tools > Redirection) it always has at the very least a source URL. You can also optionally configure other details to determine if a request is matched. URL only – the source URL must match the requested page URL. This is the basic redirect URL and login status…

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