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Blackbaud SKY API Settings

When using one of our BBWP integration with other Blackbaud products, you will be required to first authenticate with the Blackbaud SKY API.


Step 1 – Add the SKY Application to your Blackbaud Environment

In order for BBWP to obtain a token for use when accessing a Blackbaud customer’s data, the organization’s administrator must enable it within their environment. To enable the BBWP application, the admin will need to visit the Applications page. This page allows the administrator to control exactly which SKY applications are allowed to access the organization’s data (keep in mind that access is further restricted to the consenting user’s security permissions).

In your Blackbaud Environment, navigate to Control Panel -> Applications from the primary drop down navigation menu.

Click add application and use application ID: 333b1385-0d49-4f80-843e-605dba089eea

Note: Only an environmental admin can add applications. Please have the organizational admin complete these steps, or have them add you as an environmental admin by following these steps.

Step 2 – Create a general SKY API Service user (for BBMS Integration ONLY)

If you are integrating with BBMS payment services follow these steps to create your service user.

SKY API commands run on behalf of a user. In order to prevent interruption to the service when a real user is logged in to the account, it’s best to have these actions happen by a “dummy” user created specifically for this service.

  1. Create a new, generic Blackbaud user account to use as your SKY API Service user.
  2. As an administrator in your Blackbaud Environment, take the following steps to invite the user into the SKY API Service role:
    1. Navigate to
    2. Select Security in the top menu bar.
    3. Navigate to the Roles tab.
    4. Click the plus (+) sign to create a new role.
    5. On the Create Payments role screen, enter the following:
  • Role Name: SKY API Service
  • Description: Used for API connection
  • Under SKY API Tasks, select the Access all endpoints
  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Navigate to the Users tab and select Add User, then enter the following:
  • Name: Name of the user created in Step 1 under Create new Blackbaud User Account
  • Email: The email used for that new user
        • In the Payments box, select the SKY API Service role from the drop-down list. This automatically selects the box next to Payments.
  • Click Send invite

Step 2 – Authenticate Blackbaud SKY API

In order for BBWP to make requests to your Raiser’s Edge data, you must authenticate with your Blackbaud Environment and assign a database to this integration.

Sign into your BBWP site, and click the Blackbaud Sky Connector tab.

Click the blue Authenticate button to proceed.

If you are unable authenticate, please contact Blackbaud Support.