Change element visibility by user login and capability

You can choose if a row, column, or module is visible or hidden, based on whether a user is logged in, logged out, or never (meaning the element is only visible to the person editing the page). If you choose to show an element only when a user is logged in, you can also enter a capability the user must have.

Note: If you limit visibility, an Eye icon will appear in the row, column, or module toolbar, as shown in the following screenshot:

Here are some ways you can use the visibility feature:

  • You have purchased the Login Portal add-on or BBWP/RENXT  integration and have a call to action that you only want to display to users who aren’t logged in.
  • You are testing some new content and want to show it only to your site’s editors and administrators before taking it live. (Choose Logged in user and edit the capability.)
  • You want to hide time-sensitive info on an event site so that when it’s time to show it again, you can unhide it. (Choose Logged in user and set the capability to Client).

To change element visibility by user login:

  1. Open a row, column, or module for editing.
  2. Click the Advanced tab and navigate to Visibility.
  3. Select the user login status.
    If you select Logged in user, you can also select a capability to fine-tune which users can see the row, column, or module.