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Choose between new rows or row layers

Rows can contain layers of columns, as shown in this screenshot, where one row has three vertical layers with a different number of columns in each row.

Tip: For even more complex layouts, you can have columns within columns. For more information about how columns work, see the column layouts overview.

But you could also put each or these column layers into a different row, as shown in this screenshot:

What determines when you start a new row in your layout? There’s no hard and fast rule, but here are some considerations:

  • You want to set a background color, image, or video for a particular row in your layout. Create a separate row for that section.
  • You want to save a particular row in order to reuse it somewhere else.
  • You have content sections on your page that you might want to reposition later – if they are in separate rows, it’s easy to move them by dragging.
  • You want to take advantage of the row’s margin or padding features to position a block of content within a row or position the row with respect to other rows.
  • Instead of a theme sidebar, you want to add a Sidebar module or some other module that appears to span several rows. To give this area the look of a sidebar, you need a single row with column layers, as in this quick mockup showing a single row with two columns. The left column contains two Heading column layers, and the right column contains the sidebar.