Creating Featured Events

There’s a setting in The Events Calendar editor that allows you to “feature” an event. Featuring an event gives it a more prominent appearance in the calendar.

For example, here’s a featured event in the calendar’s month view:

A featured event displays the event’s featured image and is marked in blue.

And here it is in list view:

Featuring an event

Feature an event by selecting the “Feature Event” setting in the Event Options section of the post editor.

The setting is under “Event Options” in the post editor.

There’s nothing else you need to do to feature the event. Once the post is saved, The Events Calendar will take care of making the event stand out on the calendar.

Featured events in Filter Bar

If you have our Filter Bar add-on installed, then it gives you the option to add a filter for featured events:

Featured events become an available filter when the Filter Bar add-on is installed.

Enabling the filter activates it in the calendar, allowing users to filter the calendar to display only featured events.