Event List Widget Settings

Adding the Widget to a Sidebar

The first thing to note is about the Event List widget is where to find it. You’ll find it under Appearance > Widgets from the site admin dashboard. Drag it into the sidebar area of your choice.

Events Widget Settings

There are three settings that help customize the Event List widget experience. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Title: This is the heading that sits above the widget. By default, this is “Upcoming Events” but it can be changed to anything you’d like.
  • Show: This is the maximum number of events you want to display at any given time. Five is the default, but this can be any number between one and ten.
  • Display: This is a set of checkboxes that allow you to toggle the display of different bits of information, including:
    • Venue
    • Organizer
    • Street
    • City (Default)
    • State (US) or Province (Int) (Default)
    • Postal Code
    • Country (Default)
    • Phone
    • Price
  • Filter: This is an advanced setting that allows you to filter the events that display in the widget by a number of variables, including Categories and Tags. You can add multiple filters, and also multiples instances of the widget- so if you wanted you could have different widgets for different Event categories
  • Show widget only if there are upcoming events: Check the box for this option and the widget will automatically hide itself if there are no events forthcoming. Otherwise, it will display a handy notice saying there are no upcoming events at this time.
  • Limit to featured events only: Check the box for this option and the widget will display featured events.
  • Generate JSON-LD data: Enable this setting if you would like to enable structured data in the widget. Structured data is what search engines use to recognize calendar content on and display events in the search results if the data is there and processed by the search engine.

Frontend view of the Event List Widget