Fields Available for Forms

The Form Toolbox consists of 3 primary field types: Standard, Advanced and Post. To add a field to a form simply click on the name of the field you would like to add. To edit a field you have added to a form, simply hover over the field you would like to edit and click the edit link. To a delete a field you can click the Delete link, be aware that Deleting a field will also delete all entry data associated with that form field.

Common Settings

Most of the following fields use common field settings for the General, Appearance, and Advanced settings. For a description of each of the common field settings, refer to this article.

Standard Fields

Standard Fields are basic form fields that can be customized for just about any use. These can be used to capture and store a variety of data when an advanced field is not available to meet your needs.

Advanced Fields

Advanced Fields are more advanced form field types with specific usage in mind. Advanced fields may actually contain multiple fields in one container. These fields make it easy to capture data such as a users Name, Address, etc.

Post Fields

Post Fields are form fields that enable you to capture data that is then used to create a WordPress Post. These fields make it quick and easy for you to create forms that allow users to submit content to your site. The result posts will be set as a Draft and will need to be published before they are visible.

Pricing Fields

Pricing Fields are form fields that enable you to create products