Form Editor

Form Settings

The Form Settings page provides an overview of the settings available for a Gravity Forms form.

Field Toolbar

Field Toolbar

When hovering over or clicking on a field in the Form Editor you will be able to access several different options to modify or interact with the field in the Field Toolbar.

In the top left corner you will see a few pieces of information about the form. The first piece of information is the field type (ie Custom Field, Paragraph Text, Drop Down, etc). This is useful as some fields (such as the Custom Field) allow for different types of inputs. It can be difficult to determine which kind of field you are working with when a Checkboxes Field and a Custom Field set to checkbox inputs both look the same.

The second piece of information is the Field ID, which can be useful for a variety of tasks.

In the top right corner you will see the following options:

  • Edit/Close
    Clicking the “Edit” link will select the field and open up the full field options. If the field is currently selected, the “Edit” button will be updated to the “Close” button. Clicking the “Close” button will hide the field options.
  • Duplicate
    Clicking the “Duplicate” link will duplicate the current field preserving all of the field options in the new field. The duplicated field will display directly below the original field.
  • Delete
    Clicking the “Delete” link will delete the field from the form. You will be prompted to confirm before the field is deleted. Don’t forget that deleting a field also deletes all entry data associated with it.
    Tip: If you wish to keep the data but no longer want the field to be visible on the form, set the Visibility of the current field to Hidden and then add a new field of the same type to replace it.

Form Fields

The Fields Available for Forms section provides an overview of all available Gravity Form field types and their configuration options.