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Image translation

With TranslatePress you can show different images for each language of your website.

To do this just click the button corresponding to the image you want to translate or select the image by name from the dropdown of strings under Images  option group.

In the left sidebar you can use the Add Media button to upload a new image or select one from the Media library. You can also just type the url of the translated equivalent of the original image in the text box.

Beside the image source, you can also translate all the existent associated meta information such as the alt attribute and title attribute. If the image is inside an anchor pointing to its larger version of the image for example, you will be able to translate the href attribute of the anchor.

TranslatePress image source and alt attribute translation

All the translatable meta information associated with the image will be shown together with the image source in the sidebar.

Note: To translate the alt attribute you will need the SEO Add-on. Contact your Blackbaud Consultant if you require this functionality on your BBWP site.

Image slider translation

To translate an image slider or an image carousel, you simply need to hover over the images displayed and click for each image you want to replace when viewing in a different language.

Translating the alt attribute and all the other meta information can be done from the left sidebar of the Translation Editor.

TranslatePress Image Slider carousel translation