Import and Export Redirects

You can import and export redirects using the Import/Export page, accessed from the Import/Export option in the top menu of Redirection. (Tools > Redirection > Import/Export)

From here you can import:

  • CSV files – just simple redirects, with no matches or actions

Additionally you can export to:

  • CSV file – just simple redirects, with no matches or action

CSV Files

These are the simplest file format and can be created using any spreadsheet such as Excel or Google Sheets.

The format of the CSV file is as follows:

source URL,target URL

This can optionally be followed with:

regex,http code

Where regex is a 0 to indicate no regular expression, and a 1 to indicate a regular expression.

For example:



CSV Import Problems

It is important to note that when using CSV files:

  • CSV means the columns are comma separated. This does not include tabs or semicolons
  • Columns can be enclosed within quotes, but this should not extend to the comma separating the columns

If you are having difficulty exporting a compatible CSV file then please double-check that you are exporting as a comma-separated file.