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Map Module Overview

The Map module inserts a Google map with a marker pointing to an address you specify. The map automatically adjusts in size to fit in the column, and you can specify map height. The default is 400px. You can also use either px or vh as units for map height.

There is also a setting to add a map title. This title is not visible on the web page but is placed in a title attribute to improve accessibility. Use the same considerations in creating this title as when creating an alt tag for images.


  • Page load times can be affected by this module, because the embedded map is loaded from Google.
  • This module uses a built-in’s API key to display the map. You don’t need to create your own API key or store credit card information with Google.

Tip: For people who want to minimize load time, an alternative way to display a map is to take a screenshot of the Google map, use that in a Photo module, and link to the online Google map.