Redirection FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Redirection feature (located in Tools > Redirection):

I deleted a redirection, why is it still redirecting?

Your browser will cache redirections. If you have deleted a redirection and your browser is still performing the redirection then clear your browser cache. Note that your BBWP site also has a caching feature in place that will refresh every 10 minutes.

Can I open a redirect in a new tab?

It’s not possible to do this on the server, whether using Redirection or otherwise . Instead you will need to add target="_blank" to your link.

Can I redirect an anchor (#)?

No, the anchor is not sent in the request and is not received by the server.

Can I redirect all 404 errors?

No, and it isn’t advised that you do so. A 404 error is the correct response to return for a page that doesn’t exist. If you redirect it you are indicating that it once existed, and this could dilute your site.

I get a lot of weird URLs in my 404 log, what should I do?

Redirection reports on your site but doesn’t add any interpretation of why things are happening.

You can use the log information, such as IP, user agent, and referrer, as well as your own personal knowledge of the site, to understand the requests more. If they are coming from your own site then you should fix any bad links that are causing the requests. If they are coming from another site then you can ask the other site to update their links.

Sometimes the requests are made by bots, and there is nothing you can do about this other than blocking their IP address.

The 404 log is not a to-do list and you shouldn’t think you need to ‘fix’ it. A 404 is a valid response for a page that doesn’t exist and has never existed.

Can I redirect an external site?

Requests for the external site must go through the same site where Redirection is running. You can achieve this by ‘mapping’ the external domain to your current domain (i.e. you use the same host or server for both domains).

It impossible to redirect an external site that is hosted elsewhere, whether using Redirection or any other tool. Your only option is to perform the redirect on the external site.

What is a greedy expression?

A regular expression is greedy when it unintentionally matches more than you want. For example, the expression:


This is designed to match a URL like /blog/my-post. However, it will also unintentionally match /something-else/blog/another-post.

If you use an anchor ^ then the expression is tied to the start of the URL:


This prevents it unintentionally matching other URLs.