SEO Home Page Settings

You can manage your Home Page Settings by going to All in One SEO > General Settings in your Site Admin.

Home Title

The Home Title is the SEO Meta Title for the home page on your site.  The Meta Title of your Home Page will appear in the top of the browser and in the source of your home page between the <title> tags.  This is the title that the search engines will display in their search results as the link to your site so it’s important to keep this simple (60 characters or less) and relevant.  Whatever you enter in this field is output directly to the source code of your home page.

Home Description

The Home Description is the Meta Description for the home page on your site.  This is the description that the search engines will display in their search results, it will show beneath the title in search results.  Keep the description to less than 160 characters, and ensure it is relevant (real sentences, not crazy keyword combinations).  The Meta Description is a suggestion, some search engines such as Google will sometimes create their own description of your content and display that in the search results instead of your Meta Description.  Read the Related Article on Meta Descriptions for more information.

Whatever you enter in this field is output directly to the source code of your home page.

In the screenshot below you can see how the Home Title and Home Description shows up in Google search results based on what would be entered in the All in One SEO Pack settings.

Home Keywords

Meta Keywords hold little or no value in today’s SEO.  This post from Matt Cutts at Google explains why they no longer value them.  However you may feel differently and wish to use them.

It is tempting to go overboard and add hundreds of possible word combinations, but try to keep the amount of keywords you use to a reasonable level.  Use the most important words in regards to your site and area of expertise.

Remember, Meta Data serves two purposes:

  • It tells search engines what your site is about
  • It shows up in search results, which tells people what your site is about

The Meta Title and Meta Description are what people see in search results that helps them determine whether or not to click to visit your site.  High rankings are meaningless if nobody clicks on the links because the Meta Data isn’t helpful or meaningful.

Use Static Front Page Instead

Decide if you would like to control your homepage settings from this page or directly from your homepage edit screen. Since your BBWP site is setup with a static homepage (rather than a feed of your latest posts), you should enable this option. This will hide the Title and Description Fields as seen in the screenshot below.