SEO Keyword Settings

Meta Keywords are no longer used by search engines and hold no value in modern SEO.  We recommend disabling keywords sitewide by going to All in One SEO > General Settings > Keyword Settings and selecting Disabled next to Use Keywords.  This will enable you to focus on meta that is important and which search engines do use.

Should you wish to use Meta Keywords, read the information below.

Use Keywords

Use Keywords is set to Disabled by default. This is because Meta Keywords hold little or no value in today’s SEO. This post from Matt Cutts at Google explains why they no longer value them.

However you may feel differently and wish to use them. If you do  wish to use Meta Keywords on your site then select Enabled next to Use Keywords.

Use Categories for META Keywords

This setting is left unchecked by default in an effort to keep the amount of Meta Keywords you use down.  If you’re not planning to add many Meta Keywords to your Posts then this is a very convenient option for you.  Simply check this box and All in One SEO Pack will use the names of any Categories that your Post belongs to as Meta Keywords for that Post.

Use Tags for META Keywords

This setting is checked by default, this is because Tags in WordPress behave more like Meta Keywords for a Post.  All in One SEO Pack will use the Tags for your Post as Meta Keywords for that Post.

Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page

Use this setting if you want your Meta Keywords for your blog page (which can be by you Blackbaud Consultant in your site settings) to be dynamically generated from the Meta Keywords of the Posts displayed on your blog page.  If you leave this unchecked, All in One SEO Pack will use the Meta Keywords set in the Edit Page screen for your blog page.