SEO Schema Settings

The Schema Settings section lets users enable and control structured data (Schema markup) that is used by Bing, Google and Yandex to display rich search results which include more information about your content than is found in traditional search result snippets.

All in One SEO Pack outputs Schema markup using JSON-LD which can be found in the HEAD of your page source code.  We do not support other data formats as most search engines are moving to the newer JSON-LD format.

All in One SEO Pack currently outputs Schema markup on Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, and the search results page.

Schema Settings in All in One SEO Pack

Use Markup

This option will enable or disable the output of all Schema markup.

Display Sitelinks Search Box

This option will output the code required for the Sitelinks Search Box that Google may display in search results.  You can read more about the Sitelinks Search Box on Google’s website here.

Note that Google uses a variety of factors to determine when the Sitelinks Search Box appears, including the information on your site and different types of queries from Google Search users.

Social Profile Links

Enter the URLs for your social network profiles of the primary site owner or organization here (one per line).  This information is used for the Google Knowledge Graph which may appear on the right hand side of search results.

Person or Organization

Use this option to select whether your website or blog is for a person or for an organization.  Based on the selection here, the following additional fields will be displayed:

Person’s Username

If you selected Person, then choose the primary owner for your site from the list of users.  Only users with the role of Author, Editor or Administrator will be listed here.

You can also select Manually Enter from the drop down and then complete the Person’s Name and Person’s Image fields.

Organization Name

If you selected Organization, then enter the name of your organization or business.

Organization Logo

Upload the logo for your organization or business.  The image MUST be a minimum size of 112px by 112px and must be in jpg, png, or gif format.  The image URL MUST be crawlable and indexable.

Phone Number

Enter the phone number for your organization or business.  The phone number MUST include the country code (for example 1 for the United States).

Type of Contact

Select the type of contact for the phone number you entered.  For example, if the phone number is primarily for sales, then select Sales in the drop down.