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Setup a Form with BBMS

You can now take payments using Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) with any form you create on your BBWP site. Example of forms would be a Donation form, Members Dues, Registration fees etc…

In the following article we will show you how to connect a donation form with your BBMS account.

Step 1 – Authenticate with Blackbaud SKY Connector

In order to access your BBMS account, you first need to register your application with the Blackbaud SKY API. If you haven’t gone through this mandatory step, please refer to the Related Article to authenticate via the Blackbaud SKY Connector or refer to the screenshot below.

Step 2 – Configure Blackbaud Checkout Payment Gateway

For the purpose of this article, we assume that you have already setup your donation form. Please refer to the Related Article on how to create a Donation Form if you are not familiar with the process.

Head over to your forms list under Forms and hover over your donation form. Under the Settings dropdown, click on “Blackbaud Checkout”.

This will direct you to the Blackbaud Checkout Feeds screen.

You will most likely only have one feed choice setup which is the default “Blackbaud Checkout Feed 1”. Click on it to access the feed settings page.

More on “feeds”: A feed is like a notification that communicates information to an add-on or to an external service (in our case BBMS) each time a visitor successfully submits your form.
Where a notification will fire an email off to a destination of your choice each time a Form submission is completed, a “feed” is set-up within the BBMS integration in order to define the way your form will notify BBMS of a submission. In our case, we want to send information to the Blackbaud Merchant Services payment gateway in order to generate a charge.

On the Feed Settings screen, make sure of the following:

  • The Payment amount field selected corresponds to the form field you have setup as the form Total field (if applicable) or the Product field where the donation amount will be selected.
  • Enable BBMS option is checked
  • Select the appropriate BBMS payment Configuration option based on what you have setup in your BBMS account.
  • Click the “Update Settings” button

Step 3 – Update Your Donation Form

Click on the Edit link at the top left of the screen you were on to be redirected to your Form Editor. Whether you need to make edits to the form or not, it is important that you go ahead and click the blue “Update” button on the bottom right corner.

This will ensure that the form is now tied in to the Feed Settings we just saved.

Step 4 – Test your donation form

Your form is now setup to take payments via BBMS. You can test things out by going to the page where you have added your form and go through the steps of making a donation.

After clicking the “DONATE” button, you should see the Blackbaud Checkout modal appear.

The form will populate any field that was added to the Donation Form. (ie: the email field, in the above screenshot)

The transaction will be complete after all payment information is added by the user and the “Finish and Pay” button is clicked.

A successful transaction will look like this. (Success message will differ based on what you have configured in your Form Confirmation Settings).