Submitting an XML Sitemap to Google

Once you have created an XML sitemap using All in One SEO Pack, you will need to submit it to Google.  To do this you will need to register your site with Google Search Console.

Once you have added your site as a property in Google Search Console, navigate to “Sitemaps” in the left-hand menu.

Enter the sitemap slug of your website.

Now, you need to enter the URL for your XML sitemap. Note that you only need to enter the last part of the URL as the domain name is already filled out for you.  The default name that Google prefers is “sitemap.xml”, which is what All in One SEO Pack uses.

Click the “Submit” button and you are done.

It can take a while for Google to process your XML sitemap.  The length of time they take is entirely up to them and you cannot force them to process your XML sitemap any faster so please be patient.