Subscribing to and Exporting Events

How to Subscribe to Events

The Events Calendar includes an option for you and your visitors to export the events and subscribe to the calendar on your website in a flash. Visit your calendar and you’ll notice a button at the bottom.

Click on Google Calendar and you’ll be redirected to your Google Calendar, where you’ll be prompted to add events directly to your Google Calendar. If you choose this option, Google Calendar will update with any event changes from the website every 24 hours.

Use the iCalendar option to subscribe to the calendar in your iCalendar application. The frequency with which this calendar syncs with iCalendar will depend upon your iCalendar settings.

The Export .ics file option will download an .ics file for you to add events to any other application that you’d like. Once exported, this will not change, so you’ll need to export a new .ics file every time new events are added or modified.

If you’re wondering what the heck an .ics file is, it allows you to import events into a calendar application, like Apple’s iCal or Google Calendar. For example, here are the step-by-step instructions for importing an .ics file into a Google Calendar.

There are also subscribe links on individual event pages, so your visitors can choose to add a specific event to their personal calendar.